What is a Fashion Stylist?

Someone who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert  performances, public appearances and individual clients. Fashion Stylists are the people who push one to be best dressed.


What is a Style Agency?

A style agency is a collective force of creative professionals offering services in fashion that include fashion styling, fashion design, hair design, makeup artistry, photography and everything that makes one beautiful.


What should I expect from my Stylist?

Complete professionalism with a background and passion for the industry.  A Stylist that puts the Client first, caters to the individual needs and brings your best look forward.


What should I expect at a style session?

A style session is a personal meeting were you and your stylist get a chance to know one another.  Your stylist will cover current  trends and forecasting as well as analyzing your color and silhouette to determine what works best for you.  You will be presented with your own personal look book and style suggestions and a huge dose of fashion confidence.


Can I request to only have Tricee Thomas as my Stylist?

While all of our agency stylist are selected by Tricee Thomas so that the utmost professionalism and credentials are representing the company, you may however request Tricee Thomas for your personal fashion stylist.  


Can I book a Stylist for the entire day if needed?

Yes.  You may book your stylist for as long as your project or special event calls for.  We offer day and hourly rates for your convenience.


Will my Stylist be available for multiple wardrobe changes?

Yes.  Whether you need your stylist for dressing you for a special event or several changes within your event  or shoot, we are able to accommodate your needs.


Do you offer Virtual Styling?

Virtual styling is available upon your request.  We have many Clients that are out of state or travel so virtual styling has been very



What is the difference between a Stylist and Personal Shopper?

A Fashion Stylist determines the needs of the Client and then utilizes strong fashion judgment as well as current industry standards to cater to and present the Client with an image that holds its own.  A personal shopper shops for items suggested or requested by the client.  While a Fashion Stylist does shop for Clients, the items are purchased with a professional fashion mind that fits the assessed client.


Can I hire my Stylist for everyday wardrobe needs?

Yes.  We have several clients who call on their stylists weekly to lay out or sort apparel and accessories that will be worn during the week.  Whatever your need is, we are here to help.


Can my Stylist come to my home or office to dress me?

Yes.  We will definitely accommodate.  We have several Clients who prefer that the Stylist and Makeup Artist come to their homes to dress them prior to an event.  We are here to make you look gorgeous effortlessly.